About Me

Amber Canaan

The REAL Real Housewife was born out of chronic frustration. After becoming a mother in 2007, I entered a world of women that I surprisingly found very little in common with. Wives and mothers compete in their own version of “Keeping up with the Jones’” that no one can really win. It’s a fight to be the best mother, buy more organic produce, sew more crafty things, decorate your home with the best and cutest accessories. It’s overwhelming and I’ve had enough!

Life is too precious to waste time trying to keep up with someone who in reality, probably doesn’t really have my well-being to consider. I’ve decided to be who I am, do the best that I can, and leave the rest for God to work out.

So, who am I?

I’m an un-domestic goddess who loves to bake, hates to clean and who can’t stand to waste money. The truth of the matter is: ‘who I am’ is more of a question to me than ‘who I’m not’. Labels are for jeans and I haven’t found one yet that fits me in an all-encompassing way. Come to think of it, I haven’t found a pair of jeans that does that either! I’m a little bit of a lot of different things. I’m a southern girl who loves New York City, a mom with a nose ring and a woman who strives to leave a lasting impression on the world!

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