Postpartum Depression: Part 1

I want to make the point here and now that every woman is different and just because I experienced postpartum depression one way, doesn’t mean the next person will. This is my story and my experience. If you feel like you might be experiencing postpartum depression, or depression in any form, talk to someone!

My pregnancy with Lindy wasn’t the happy and joyful time I wished for. Before the pregnancy even began, my husband and I had tried for 14 months to get pregnant. Wewent through infertility testing and it began to seem like we weren’t going to have a second child. Doctors tell young, healthy couples to give it a year, but they’re assuming that most people don’t understand how their bodies work, when their fertile time is, and how exactly to time things to conceive a baby.

They underestimated me.

As a nurse, and someone who likes to know as much as she can on just about everything, I knew all about my menstrual cycle. I learned to chart my basal body temperatures, indicating that my body ovulated (released the egg) on day 15 to 17 of my cycle. I knew that I didn’t have a 28 day cycle like they teach you in health class. My cycles were normally 30 to 32 days long. I also knew that sperm can live three to five days in the right conditions, meaning that the cervical mucus, or discharge that women have each month, has to look like egg-whites, or pretty darn close.

With all of this knowledge and knowing how to time things, one would think we should have conceived right away.

We didn’t.

Month after month after month passed and no matter how much we vowed that we wouldn’t stress, we would relax and enjoy our little family for three, there was always disappointment each time my period came. It got to a point where we really began to question our faith and our ability to have any more children.

Fertility testing was a mess. Even though the doctor we saw at UNC was one of the best, she seriously lacked in personality and understanding. Initially she told us that our test results were normal, but two weeks later she called me and told me that Mike had deficiencies and that she recommended a $400 per month procedure if we wanted to have another baby. I told her that we were a one income family and asked if there were any other options. Were there any natural options to increase our chances and correct the deficiencies? She said no.

I hung up the phone and cried. I called a dear friend of mine and expressed my concerns to her. She agreed to pray for us and gave me some recommendations on natural supplements that might help. I began to do research as well and found a variety of supplements that could help boost male fertility, and I ordered some that very day.

So beautiful!

One month later, I got a positive pregnancy test.

I go a little overboard with pregnancy tests!

And then of course

there is prayer! Never underestimate the power of prayer! I believe that God guided me in seeking out natural remedies, providing us with the tools we needed to restore the health to our bodies.The doctor said it wasn’t possible for supplements to help either of us, but I don’t believe her. I believe that nutritional deficiencies wreak a lot of havoc on a couple’s fertility and correcting these imbalances can go a long way to improving the odds of natural conception. I know that sperm take a couple of months to develop and mature, so the supplements probably didn’t have time to affect them in that way. After 14 months though, I don’t think it was just coincidence. Whatever the deficiency was, the supplements helped.

If you’d like to learn more about the supplement we used, check out Coast Science. The supplement was pricey, but worth it!

The day that I found out I was pregnant, I had a migraine and took a test to see if it was safe to take medicine. I took a digital test, not even knowing what day of the cycle I was on or if I should even be testing at all. I cannot begin to describe my shock or surprise when I saw the word “Pregnant” displayed. I jumped for joy, and called Mike immediately, who was on the way to pick up my medicine. He couldn’t believe what I was telling him. It was an answered prayer, and a total miracle!

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