A real housewife…someone who does her own dishes, raises her own kids, loves her husband passionately while occasionally getting totally frustrated with him, loves a spa but is too busy to live at one…a real housewife is just that, she’s real. And she’s got her work cut out for her!

Motherhood is FULL of drama, and it begins before you’ve even got confirmation of the pregnancy! The constant fight over who can be the better mother out do the next person to be the best “Suzie Homemaker” is exhausting and completely pointless in its pursuit.

Motherhood has its joys, no one will argue that, but it’s also tiring, messy and frustrating. The REAL Real Housewife is a place for you to feel comfortable and secure knowing that we all mess up, and it’s ok. We’re women and mothers and most of all, we’re human. The ‘best that we can’ has to be good enough!

Love goes a long way in smoothing our imperfections.

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